hell yea the warriors got screwed.they got screwed by the refs. when they didn't count the warriors layup by dunleavy made it how can they not see that it bounced off the glass already that was going in. i think during the timeout it was 92-87 warriors if the refs called that we would be 94-85 cause that dunk wouldn't count. a 9 point lead that would really helped to and changed the with that. then on another play the with the shot clock to 1 dunleavy lost the ball to the corner and he shot the ball and got fouled. it should have been 3 free throws we did get the basket but i would take 3 points over 2. dam and all the time why does this happen to the warriors? howcome the warriors never get a break? why does teams like the pacers get a win where they got a bunch of thugz on there team get a win why? its just a hard lost for the warriors and the fans. on saturday against the bucks they have to come out with revenge in there eyes if they don't win on saturday it's going to be hard cause then they go on the road against the spurs then the next day against rockets. dam just a hard lost its not going to heal till the warriors win again

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