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Yi in 2k8

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Even LeBron respects game!

I know we've picked up a lot of new GSoM community members in the recent weeks, so if you're not well versed on The Yi Movement- don't sleep!

Good news for the Warriors and the Yi faithful. Yi will be entering the loaded 2007 NBA Draft!

Having seen Yi play and read up on his scouting reports and what his coaches have said about him, I think he could be a prototypical Nellie player and forward for the Warriors. Here's why:

  • Yi's got a beautiful jumper and 3 point range (although FIBA's 3pt line is closer than the NBA's)
  • Nellie luvs his big men athletic and Yi's pretty smooth
  • He can beat people off the dribble and throw it down NASTY
  • Oh yeah, he's a near 7 footer who can shoot, rebound, handle the rock, pass, and block shots- Nellie luvs his big men with that type of skillset
  • Nellie friend Del Harris has had some really good things to say about Yi in the past

If we ever get a chance, we'll make sure to ask Nellie what he thinks about Yi. (Hahah, watch him say he'd never draft him!)

So, let's say the Warriors miss out on the playoffs for the 13th straight year and end up in the lottery once again. With such a loaded 2k7 NBA Draft (Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Joakim Noah, Thaddeus Young, Yi and plenty more) that might not actually be that bad. Either way Warriors Nation can't lose. And that my friends is something we don't get to say much around here.

Special thanks to GSoM community member ThermoElectro for keeping everyone up-to-date on this one.

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