It Might Be a Long Season

Tonight Utah gave the Warriors a lesson in pro basketball. They simply outplayed the Warriors in every conceivable way.

I cannot recall a Warrior game ever where I saw them play this bad. I don't recall any game last year where the Warriors were so completely dominated.

It was interesting that Coach Sloan left some of his starters in when the Jazz were up by over twenty with under six minutes left in the game. However, he might have done the Warriors a favor. They need to comprehend just how poorly they are playing.

The only Warrior that played well was Andris. Everyone else who stepped out on the floor tonight was completely outclassed, outplayed, out-hustled, and thoroughly dominated. I mean, the Jazz even outran the Warriors!

It is just amazing how bad they played. I just don't have any words to explain it. I can't remember seeing the Warriors ever cave in like that before.

I wonder if the thought crossed Don Nelson's mind that he could be in Hawaii right now, sipping a cool, sweet margarita. Where in the world does he go from here?

I have a feeling it may be a long season.

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