Run N' Gun?

What is going on?

Aren't the warriors supposely "fun to watch" this season? I know this was just the third game, but these losses are crazy. Where is the improvement? We look even worse than last year. Where is our offense? You can say Jrich isn't playing well because of his surgery, so let him sit out for a while. Don't start him. Wasn't Mike Dunleavy suppose  to "breakout in this system"? He isn't pushing the ball up, isn't taking advantage of his speed on bigger men. Improved free throws? Not one bit, our guards are shooting worse than elementary kids in a playground. Baron Davis? Still selfish. Troy Murphy? I don't see him hitting any jumpers. This team isn't running at all, either. They keep on getting stuck in half-court situations, and they just toss up an ugly jumper with the clock winding down. Defense is horrible too, notice how C.J. Miles had a couple hours to shoot those 3 pointers? Everyone just frozed, instead of guarding him. The occasional scrappy defense for a minute or two isn't going to cut it, either. Our interior seriously needs to rebound better, also. Horrible.  

There are a couple of bright sides though, Monta is looking pretty comfortable, although he has to learn how to pass more. Ike is picking things up, and making shots down low. Beans has been very impressive, and looks good. Foyle should be getting some MVP votes this season, looking mighty  good on that bench.

We have a supposed easy schedule, and if we can't take advantage of it, like pineriver says, it's going to be a long season.

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