Open Wide ... Say Aaahhh...

Take your medicine. Now.

Yes, it is time to tank the season.

Do we really want another mediocre 33-38 win season that ends in another #8-12 draft slot and another safe, boring pick "for need"?

Given that by all accounts the 2007 draft is the best in years -- and that Oden in particular is "once-every-decade" big man -- there is no sane reason not to try and shoot the moon this year.

Trade Baron, Murphy, and Pietrus for whatever draft picks or expiring contracts we can get (I'm not picky), install Monta at PG and rack up the losses while he learns the NBA ropes.

Obviously I would love to dump Dunleavy too, but now I'm thinking we keep him around because (a) no one in their right mind would give up a bag of balls for him; and (b) he's so execrably bad he will unwittingly help us to our goal of tanking the season. In fact, play him 48 minutes a game.

Look at this way: if we finish with one of the two worst records in the NBA we are guaranteed one of the five young studs Atma says are likely to be available in '07: Oden, Yi, Noah, Durant, Thaddeus Young. If we finish our usual 8-12th worst, our chances at them drop to like 5-10%.

100% v. 10%. Is that not worth one 20-win season??? In the end, what's the difference between 20 wins and 35?

Take the medicine. Now. It's long overdue. When we look at our '08 roster we'll all be glad we did it :


I consider myself a patient dude, but, as of today, I've finally had it with the same old business as usual. Who's with me?

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