My Thoughts

You all really need to stop hatin. i know its dissapointing and the performance that we saw today was very very lackluster. But The Jazz are not that bad of a team. They beat the new improved Rockets (who today beat the mavs ) and the Suns( reigning MVP steve nash). The Jazz are a team that is very underrated. I gotta admit the Warriors lost really bad and I for a fact also lost money for betting on this game.

But because im a warrior Fan i gotta keep my hopes up. and this is not only because i have no choice its because its only been like 3 games. Remember last year when we started good. then ended bad. hopefully this year we are going to start bad then catch fire during the season.

Monta Ellis played bad.. some great moves, but most of those moves are during a fastbreak. Baron. only 2 points... one good layup and that was it. J rich.. still injured i think. his timing is off.. verry. as you cud tell by the way he shoots. no legs. Murphy.. horrible and Pietrus dissapointed me after a very impressive performance yesterday. Mike D. played really bad during the 1st half but started bein agressive during the 3rd quarter. and played alright. Biedrins was the best today. Catch and Dunk type of player.. needs to be more pick and roll from Baron and him. Also I know Ike Diogu is a good post scorer. but he really needs to learn how to kick out the ball when he is being pressured in the paint.. One thing to be a good post player is learning how to pass the ball.

I also think that Matt Barnes should have more playing time in this team. If. Mike D. and Mickael P. is not clickin, Barnes should be comin off the bench, he provides rebounds that Pietrus cudnt get on a bad game and defense.

then again this is just my thoughts

please let me know what you guys think

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