Playoff Basketball

Everyone knows playoff basketball consists of half court sets, a slowed down tempo, extraordinary team defense and strong interior offense and defense.  Provided these obvious traits of successful playoff teams, do you think the warriors should put more of their resources, or eggs in one basket in trying to develop (my fav player) andris, ike, and patty O' a heck of a lot more quickly?  Those 3 could definitely make for a formidable pf and c reliably strong tandem.  I only suggest this, as we've seen the Spurs, Mavs, Heat and Clippers do so well recently in the playoffs BECAUSE of their strong frontcourts.  Also very apparent in this young season is that the Rockets are using Yao as their main and sometimes only focal point, and young Orlando is looking very successful early on.  This brings me to my main point of this diary, as we saw the humiliating defeat last night against Utah.  Straight up facts;  they have a dominating frontline in AK-47, the Booze, and Memo.  That frontline is so interchangeable, quick, and strong to match up with any team in the league.  Throw in a very high draft pick and promising pg in deron williams and the jazz are awful dangerous to many western teams.  The only flaws in Utah's gameplan the last few years is the frail frames and derailed injuries to kirilenko and boozer the past 2 years, yet this afforded them the 3rd pick in williams.  All in all, the Jazz are primed for a great season (barring injuries again), and the Warriors seem to be JUMPING ON THE OFFENSIVE bandwagon, not trying to really develop a successful team that has the possibility of advancing past the first round (see: Clippers).  I love Andris' constant motor to pick every loose ball up and his fantastic defense, Ike's refined offensive game, and P. O'Bryant's length and traditional big man sky hook shots and fundamentals.  I just think the warriors had seen the great suns team and the 2 years ago sonics team that shot the lights out and won their division, not to mention all the years the fun run and gun Kings team (led by ex warrior adelman) had that Golden State has always tried to play catch up... and are obviously a few years behind everyone.  I propose they stick with the tried and true formula of developing quality and solid big men.  This isn't to say nellie ball sucks and won't win, but AB and Ike can play nellie ball, its just a matter of making them more of the focus on offense and defense, than say a BD ill advised 3 pointer, MDJ slowly bringing the rock up the floor with his pg/pf skills or jrich putting up a jump shot when we all know he's absolutely at his best in the fast break.  Just try out refining AB and Ike because if not now, when?  When they are past their potential time, like in 2 years and they have solidly defined roles off the bench?  I would much rather have young big men making mistakes and losing the games for us or winning the games for us, then the tried and losing formula of BD, MDJ, and Jrich.  In closing, Warriors and W's fans give some luv to the young bigs, as the rest of the league's teams have done to their bigs, or refine smallball and get off the bandwagon as we all know how to feel about all of them LA faker fans out there.

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