Something Positive: Philadelphia!!!

In these times of severe depression, I thought it might be nice to look at something good for the Warriors right now.  As you all know, the 76ers owe us:

2007 Top 15 protected first Round Draft Pick
...if it ends up in the top 15, then we get a measly $1mil (that sucks!...I've never heard of a clause like that before).

With this loaded draft, some studs could be slipping to the mid first round.  This would be an amazing opportunity to add 2 ('cuz we're suckin') solid 1st Rounders in a stacked draft.

However, this means we need Phili to be the 7th seed or better in the East.  Comming into this year, I was not optimistic at all.  Phili is old, largely unimproved, and sucked last year.

BUT (Here's the good news for the Ws!!!) those mofos are 3-0!!!!!!!  They are 1.5 games ahead of the 7th seed!  They:

Beat Atlanta at home 88-75
Beat Orlando on the road 105-103
Beat Miami at home 107-98

I know it's been an unbearable start for the Ws.  Let's keep our heads up though.  Atleast we can pull for the 76ers to help us possibly rebuild again next summer.

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