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Rumor: Mike Dunleavy for Corey Maggette

It's no secret that the Warriors' roster needs a little jolt. Let's hope Sam Smith of is up on the latest and isn't just rehashing old news:

Mike Montgomery is said to have agreed.

Dunleavy for Corey Maggette? While rumors bubbled again last week about the Nuggets' interest in Maggette, the Clippers, coached by Dunleavy's father, and Warriors have long pondered such a swap. I've suggested Maggette for the Bulls on occasion, though it doesn't seem the Bulls have the right pieces unless the Clippers want to save some money with expiring contracts and would take a No. 1 pick. They say they won't, at least for now.

But Maggette can't last long coming off the bench, and Nelson isn't the most patient guy with personnel, even if he doesn't have the final say now. Said Maggette: "Everybody else knows what I can do, but sometimes you have to keep proving that to people."

Maggette takes it strong to the rack!

Maggette seems to have really fallen out of favor with Coach Mike Dunleavy down in Clips' land. After the first game Coach Don Nelson described Dunleavy's play as a "disaster". It's probably too early for anyone to really be in Nellie's dog house, but I would be surprised if Nellie wasn't ready to trade Dunleavy and didn't see some serious fun-and-gun potential with the threesome of Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, and Corey Maggette. All 3 can crash the boards exceptionally well for players at their position and all can slash (JRich is much improved in that area). Unlike BD, JRich, and the Warriors in general, Maggette is fairly automatic from the charity stripe. I'd make this move in a heartbeat.

There's a two things that seem to stopping this long-rumored trade:

  1. Clip's GM Elgin Baylor has said in the past that swapping Maggette for Dunleavy would be a bad move
  2. Dunleavy's horrendous contract

If it weren't for 1 and 2, I think a deal involving Dunleavy and Maggette would have gone down this summer. But if there's anyone who can get around 1 and 2, it's Nellie. In Nellie we trust.

Would you trade Mike Dunleavy for Corey Maggette? What sorts of realistic trades can you work out on ESPN's trade machine?


Props to GSoM community member flaaron for spotting this rumor.

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