Zorgon in the Ford Center hizzouse in OKC pulling for the big W!

Just to let you guys know, I'll bee cheering on the Warriors at the Ford Center in OKC vs. the Hornets tomarrow. I'll be loud, and kill the "opening night crowd". I'm bringing my contest prize too!

If you want to know where I'll be sitting, look below.

I'll be in the Handicap section, as in, not regualr looking seasts, but I'll be up there on the walkway in a fold away chair.

I'm easy to recognize. If you want to know what I look like, look below:

At the end of that video, I'm the guy in the NBC Sports shirt (I throw the chair, roll the wheel, and throw the rock.)

Here is me roughly 2 years ago, in the green shirt.

More of my videos here if you're interested. (Plug.)

If you don't want to watch my videos or you have 56k, I'm basically a huge guy with long black hair. I'll be in the Foyle jersey at the game.

I know somebody on the inside of the Arena cameras and the Cox coverage, so he'll get me on camera there (you might see me on Cox if NBA League Pass decides to use them.)

And, hey, I might be on FOX Bay Area too, I'll be the best Dub fan out there!

As far as my sign, I'll show it to you if it isn't on Television.

Throw up a big W!

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