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Warriors on Yahoo's NBA Skinny Fantasy Column

The recent changes made to the starting lineup are causing some major changes in the fantasy basketball landscape. In the weekly column on Yahoo, NBA Skinny, the 4th and 5th spots of the rotation are considered "Red Hot".

1st Chair: Andris Biedrins, Mickael Pietrus

2nd Chair: Mike Dunleavy, Monta Ellis

Skinny: Coach Don Nelson's unhappiness with Mike Dunleavy's play has come full-circle. Dunleavy has been moved from small forward to power forward to point guard to, finally, the bench. Troy Murphy returned to his natural power forward position in the team's second game, and Adonal Foyle started at center. Foyle played just six minutes in that game, however, and is clearly not a part of Nelson's plans. Pietrus has started twice and come off of the bench twice. Biedrins started at center in the Warriors' two most recent games, and is a high-energy, defensive-minded player - the type of player that Nelson has been looking for regardless of their position in the starting lineup. Given Nelson's itchy trigger finger, though, not too many starting positions are safe at this point. Ellis is another wild-card in this scenario given his solid production to this point.

If Nellie's run and gun offense takes off, any member of the team who gets significant minutes can have a major fantasy impact.

After Baron and JRich, who's going to emerge as the 3rd best fantasy player on the team?

Also, there's still time to sign up for the GSoM Fantasy Hoops League. If you haven't signed up, join in the fun. Additionally, a lot of people who are signed up in the league are not earning any points right now because they don't have any players on their team or a valid lineup. So, hurry and set up your team and start accumulating points. You don't want to be the one who finishes dead last.

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