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GSoM and's Golden State Warriors Preview

What seems like a long long long time ago, late October 2006, Dennis Velasco of's Basketball section, asked us to do the Warriors Preview. So he asked us 5 questions to which we gave him some juicy answers. Some answers might be outdated since it's a month into the season, but it's always interesting to see how things change in a month. Here are the questions:

  1. Can Head Coach Don Nelson get this band of talented players to play up to their potential and get the Warriors into the playoffs?
  2. How much or how little will Baron Davis like playing for Uncle Nellie? Can he finally stay healthy and motivated, perhaps even taking less three-pointers to take better shots or set up his teammates more?
  3. Jason Richardson and Baron Davis are obvious stars, but how much can the following players step up their game - Mike Dunleavy, Mickael Pietrus, Ike Diogu?
  4. Anything else you want to say about the Warriors?
  5. Who wins the NBA Finals this coming season (besides your team, that is)? Just give me a team name at least.
For our answers, you gotta check out the article.

Reflecting back on the questions, how would your answers have changed from a month ago?

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