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GSoM Talks to Preetom Bhattacharya about Allen Iverson Rumors

GSoM friend Preetom Bhattacharya writes for Basketball News Services, which powers, SWISH Magazine, and The Five Star Basketball Report. He's always got his ear connected to the latest happenings in the NBA.

With all the Allen Iverson rumors floating around the net and Jim Gray having conversations with AI imposters, I couldn't resist asking the man for his insights on the topic. I wanted to throw out the boldest Allen Iverson to the Warriors trade scenario that I could dig up. The most provocative rumor I could find came way of the WarriorsWorld message board from a poster called Turtle:

This is from my source. 4 way deal in the works. GS/Philly/NY/Memp

In: Iverson
Out: Jrich/Troy

In: Murphy/Eddie Jones/Steve Francis
Out: Webber/Iverson

In: Webber
Out: Jerome James/Francis

In: Jrich/Jerome James
Out: Eddie Jones

Here's what Preetom had to say about the rumored blockbuster deal:

That deal is NOT going to happen.

1) From everyone I've spoken with, the Sixers do want to trade both Iverson and Webber together. Unfortunately for them, Webber is wanted by only one team - the Free Agents. NO ONE wants to touch Webber's deal at all and trading him is almost beyond hope. Not even Isiah would take him.

2a) Isiah especially won't take him if it means he loses Francis. Francis has played well for the Knicks and has become a leader for them. He's doing everything the team has asked of him and has been almost the ideal locker room guy. He's taken on the responsibility of teaching things to some of the players so Isiah can focus on other things.

2b) Isiah especially ESPECIALLY won't take him because of what they're going through with the crowd and stuff in MSG. He's not going to give the fans another reason to boo.

3) The Sixers want a package with some mix of the following three things: a) quality youth, b) favorable contracts (meaning expiring or bargain players) and c) draft picks. A collection of Eddie Jones, Steve Francis, and Troy Murphy has no youth to it. Sure, they get an expiring deal, but they're stuck long-term with Francis and Murphy, neither of which are bargains or draft picks ..

4) Really? Memphis taking in two expensive, long-term deals when the team is in the midst of being sold and losing millions of dollars? My source with a West team told me the Grizz just want Jones to expire and get under the cap and just sit on it. I believe him - they're losing money and being sold (to an ownership group that values cheap players).

5) Nelson would HATE a player like Iverson. With his best teams in Milwaukee and Dallas, they had balanced scoring without a player that really dominated the ball like Iverson does. He isn't going to change regardless of how desperate the Warriors are.

Look, the Warriors had some interest but quickly realized they just didn't have what it took. The package the Sixers would want in return, theoretically, would be a young player (Ellis or Pietrus or Ike or Biedrins), Jason Richardson, and a draft pick of some sort. That basically gives the Sixers a nice mix of security and savings - they're saving money with a good player in Richardson and a cheap young guy that they can assess and do whatever they want with and can get whatever they want from a cheap draft pick.

Richardson would definitely be a part of the deal as opposed to Murphy for the Sixers because they'll need to put asses in the seats somehow and a fringe superstar is what they'll want in return, not a solid role player like Murph. Another possibility could be something like JRich and Murph straight up, but I don't know if the Sixers want to put their money into TWO players like that - it's about the financial stuff at that point, because the collection of players should get it done. That's just asking too much from both teams.

Also, don't forget that the Sixers are almost always on sale. Finances are important.

Lastly .. keep an eye on the Charlotte Bobcats. They are SO FAR under the cap that they can absorb up to ten million dollars without giving up much at all, so they're almost in the driver's seat. I'm hearing Brevin Knight, Gerald Wallace, Sean May, and a pick is what they are offering.

That's a lot of good stuff to think about for a Monday morning. Special thanks to Preetom for working the phones hard and giving GSoM an insider perspective.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!


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