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Rumor: Celtics, Warriors, and Kings Most Likely to Acquire Allen Iverson

Ken Berger for dropped a piece Where will Iverson end up? Boston? mostly detailing the Boston take on dealing for Allen Iverson, but near the end there was this juicy piece of gossip:

Golden State and Sacramento also appear to be among the teams most likely to acquire Iverson.

Indiana emerged Monday as a strong player, with discussions centering around Jamaal Tinsley and Stephen Jackson.

Dallas and New Orleans have enough expiring contracts to make a deal attractive to the Sixers, and Charlotte is well under the salary cap and needs a franchise player to sell tickets. Memphis could offer the expiring contract of Eddie Jones, but any major moves are on hold because the team is up for sale. Speculation has gone away from Minnesota, Dallas and Denver, three of the early favorites to land him.

It's really hard to tell if there's a legitimate source fueling the statement that the Warriors and Kings are serious candidates for AI, but after several days of trade talks who really knows? Front offices could be throwing up smokescreens and simply leveraging other squads as bargaining chips. It's negotiation 101.

Let's say our Pacific division rival Sacramento Kings find a way to team up Allen Iverson with Ron Artest. Does that mean the Warriors can kiss the playoffs goodbye this season?

(And amazingly guess who the Warriors square off against tomorrow night? I seriously love it when the transitions just play out so easily like this!)

In case you forgot:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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