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Rumor: Stephen A. Smith Thinks the Warriors are the Frontrunners for Allen Iverson

Quite frankly Stephen A's got the scoop. Make sure to listen to this ESPN podcast. Here's a piece from the transcript:

Stephen A. Smith reports that the Golden State Warriors are the frontrunners, with the Celtics a close second.

"I know for a fact that the Philadelphia 76ers desperately want somebody like a Monta Ellis because they like his skills and they love his contract. And that's the one guy that Golden State desperately wants to hold on to. But I think they ultimately have to unload him in order for the Sixers to pull the trigger and make the deal. So I would say Golden State's the front runner right now.

Again, Stephen A knows the Sixers and AI well, so he's an excellent source for upates on this deal.

Let's hope the 76ers make the trade today, rather than prolonging the drama. The Warriors stunk up the joint last season with all the rampant Ron Artest rumors. They're a young team and this is probably a major distraction. Don't be surprised if the distractions show up in the L column.

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member esco41510 for linking to the info.


99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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