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Rumor: Warriors Dangling JRich and Adonal Foyle for Allen Iverson's Marty Burns breaks down where Allen Iverson might land in Going Places: Analyzing where Iverson may land -- and how quickly. Here's what matters most to Warriors Nation:

The Warriors reportedly are dangling Jason Richardson (who has missed the last four games with a sore knee), as well as Adonal Foyle.

Moving JRich the heart and soul of the Warriors along with Adonal Foyle the longest-tenured Warrior and the face of the franchise? Now that's a blockbuster deal of epic proportions! The rest of the hoops world probably won't see it that way, but for Warriors Nation it's a major, major move.

You have to wonder why the 76ers would want to trade for JR right now. No doubt, he's a flat out stud, but wouldn't you take a wait and see approach with his knee? Jason is a high-flyer and right now a lot of his game is dependent on his uber-athleticism. But hey, we're talking about the front office from an Atlantic Division team. Anything's possible.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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