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Tim Kawakami on Trading Monta Ellis for Allen Iverson and Panic Mode

I know a lot of you are hesitant to move Monta Ellis to get Allen Iverson in a trade. Tim Kawakami agrees with you and cites plenty of good reasons on his blog Talking Points. Make sure to check it out.

One point that hasn't been talked about much on GSoM that Tim brings up is Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins might be in panic mode:

I think Chris and Rod are, as I said earlier, a little panicked about?the right now-because do they last longer than this year if it's another 36-46 sort of season?-and might give up Ellis, anyway.

This is a question I've pondered myself. What will happen if the Warriors miss the playoffs again this year? After what Nellie has termed a "beautiful schedule", the Warriors are only 10-11 and sit in the 11th spot in the loaded Western Conference. The playoffs aren't out of the question by any stretch, but all signs point towards the Dubs headed towards the lottery for the 3rd straight year in the Mullin-Higgins era and the 13th straight time overall for this franchise. It's not too far-fetched to think that Warriors owner Chris Cohan wouldn't want to keep writing checks out to the Mullin-Higgins front office beyond this season. We've been pretty critical of Cohan in the past here for good reason, but you can't really blame him for giving Mullin and Higgins the pink slip if the Warriors miss the playoffs again this season.

To date under Mullin and Higgins the Warriors have yet to eclipse the 38 and 37 win totals that the Gary St. Jean and Eric Musselman combo produced (see The Dirty Dozen - Part 3 of 3). It's easy to argue that under Mullin and Higgins the Warriors have actually taken a step backwards.

Do you think Mullin and Higgins are in panic mode? If so, how do you think it will affect them on the trade front?

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