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Rumor: Allen Iverson to the Warriors, Ben Gordon to 76ers, and Troy Murphy to Bulls

From this morning's edition of Dime Smack:

The latest Allen Iverson trade rumor: a three-way deal sending Iverson to Golden State, Ben Gordon to Philly, and Troy Murphy to Chicago, with names like P.J. Brown and Mike Sweetney also involved.

How close is this to a reality?

As one of the Dime Crew pointed out during last night?s Warriors/Kings game, ?Troy Murphy didn?t play. He?s as good as gone,? which definitely gives the trade rumor some legs.

Would a backcourt rotation of A.I., Baron Davis, J-Rich and Monta Ellis work? That?s a lot of basketball to go around. And why would Chicago want to give up their No. 1 scoring threat and a veteran leader (P.J.) just to get Troy Murphy?

Were you the least bit curious about Troy Murphy sitting out last night's big win against the Kings? I can't say the thought hadn't crossed my mind. You have to feel bad for TMurph. As GSoM friend Marcus Thompson noted last night on his blog Hoop Junkie, Murphy is a halfcourt player stuck in a small ball system. Plus, it's messed up that the guy has to hear his name floated around in some many rumors for the past year nonstop.

Props to GSoM friend Stan the man for passing along this rumor.

For more: 99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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