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Rumor: Sixers Targetting Troy Murphy and Jason Richardson

It's always fun to see The New York Times get in on the NBA action and rumor mill. They are held to the highest journalistic standard in the land. When they write something, people listen- err, read. Here's a selection from their piece today Owner Says Kings Are Out of Iverson Running by Liz Robbins that's pertinent to Warriors Nation:

The Warriors' second-year guard, Monta Ellis, has been compared to Iverson, and Golden State seems hesitant to relinquish him. A swap for Baron Davis may make the most financial and basketball sense, but it could also hinder Ellis's backcourt development.

Executives at two N.B.A. teams with knowledge of the Sixers' interest said yesterday that the Sixers were targeting Warriors forward Troy Murphy, as well as guard Jason Richardson. Richardson has a knee injury and Murphy did not play last night because of a sore right foot.

If the Warriors did in fact move TMurph and JRich, Mullin and Higgins would be flat out admitting that their core just wasn't good enough to compete in the West. It's something most of us have thought for some time now.

On the other hand, Billy King and the Sixers would be very wise to target these two current Warriors. Sure, TMurph's contract is excessive, but in the East, especially the Atlantic division, he could do some serious damage. JRich, well I don't have to tell you how good he'd be when fully healthy in the East.

The AI Rumor Mill:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!


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