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Recap: Warriors 126, Kings 113 - Who needs Iverson?! (Wait! I didn't mean that! Come back Allen!!)

Okay, let's get one thing out there from the get-go. I like the Kings. I've always liked the Kings. Not in the Warriors-Better-Win-Or-I'm-Going-To-Hurl-A-Brick kind of way, but lets just say that I've always had a certain level of respect for the team.

I think this stems back to when I was in school in San Diego. Everyone I met (for the most part) was either from Los Angeles or from the Bay Area. So when basketball season came around, people were either avidly cheering for the Lakers, or they were... well, they probably went out drinking or something when the Warriors were playing.

Enter the Kings.

Sure they weren't from the "Bay" exactly, but they were always there to annoy Kobe and Shaq in just the right way. They gave us Bay Area-ites a little something to cheer for while our favorite team was busy giving up Gilbert Arenas. For this, I'll always have a little respect for Sacramento.

So, how much do I respect the Kings? Well when they are playing the Warriors, I still wish bitter defeat on them, but I don't wish that they all come down with a case of explosive diarrhea on the trip home like I do with the rest of the NBA teams we play.

That's right. Feel the love, Kings. Feel the love.



It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... wait... Matt Barnes?! Screw it! It's MATT BARNES BABY!

If any of the Warriors were feeling the pressure about a possible Iverson trade, they certainly responded in the most positive way possible tonight. Any speculations that these trade talks would negatively affect how the Warriors would play can officially be laid to rest.

- AB came out with a (literally) perfect night. (Didn't miss a shot all game!)

- Matt Barnes damn sure ate his Wheaties before the game. (32 points with 6 from beyond?!)

- Pietrus himself had a strong offensive showing tonight. (21 with 4 of 6 from beyond.)

- Monta served his purpose well, creating some pretty impressive plays. (16 point, 5 dimes)

- Baron was a savage but missed his triple double AGAIN. (I suppose this time it was by a few more boards.)

- Dunleavy looked strong out there tonight!I saw some seriously aggressive fast breaks I'm not used to seeing from him. Additional props for his supporting stats! (7 dimes, 6 boards)

- Foyle... um... well did anyone see that rebound?! Hell yea!

The ironic thing is that tonight's Warriors looked like the Kings that I used to see during the ol' Lakers - Kings rivalry. Everyone on the team contributed, and very rarely did it happen that someone in the starting 5 (Bibby, Webber, Divac, Stojakovic, Christie) scored less than double digits. Yet aside from all of their offense, everyone always knew their role.

Tonight's Warriors were no different. Aside from the insane amount of fouling in the third, everyone on the court fought hard for the boards, cut into the paint for easy buckets, went strong to the iron regardless of getting smashed in the dome. (In Dun's case, twice!) Watching what this Richardson-less team was capable of tonight makes our previous loss to the Sonics that much more unacceptable. This is a squad that can make big things happen. The depth is there. The heart is there. The youth is there. All we need to do is to find that last missing piece. The consistency. If the Warriors played with this much heart every game, even the most elite of teams would leave The Oracle asking themselves, "What the hell just happened?"

And they wouldn't just be talking about their explosive diarrhea.



Warrior Wonder : Matt Barnes, thy name is sniper. With a career high 32 points, comprised of an insane 6 3-pointers, he also piled on 11 boards, 3 dimes, and 3 jacks. That's one tasty Double Double!

Aside from Barnsie's nasty game tonight, I think it would be foolish not to acknowledge the efforts of the rest of the Warriors as well. Everyone came to play tonight. Nice rebound Foyle!

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