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It's the moment we've all been waiting for!  

We've watched the drama unfold for months now.  Warriors's management knew its current squad just wasn't going to cut if they were to be considered an elite NBA that would be domestically and internationally recognized.  Although the Iverson rumors have been brewing, bubbling, and messily overflowing like clogged toilets, these are some the changes that the Warriors management has promised.  This is the excitement the fans need.  This is what we can rally around.  This shows that this is really OUR YEAR! This will really get us over that hump that the is East Coast basketball bias (notice how that hump is not our playoff drought).

For a reasonable price of 165 dollars (or 125 dollars if you just want a bar stool to sit on), you can be a part of this special party celebrating our illustrious dance team!  As if meeting the Warrior girls isn't enough, included in the price of admission is the opportunity to watch the Warriors take on Yao and company in the exclusive MEZZANINE club.

I really wonder though what the dinner buffet will consist of.  Will it be like last nights episode of Top Chef, where the Orange team's produced 13 boilerplate mini-cuisine tastefest?  Or will it be more like the Black team's "higher end" "quality over quantity" 4 dish spread?  Will it be a hot dog, burger, garlic french fries buffet?
top chef
Anyways, don't sleep!!!  Be the first on your block to have the official 2006-2007 Warrior Girl Swimsuit Calendar.  Now you can appreciate the Warrior girls not only at the Oracle Arena, but in the comforts of your own home!  If its not your bag, just think how excited your friend/s might be to get one of these! They make great stocking stuffers.... just in time for the holidays!  Only 15 dollars!

If anyone ends up going to this or is around at the game and catch it, drop some comments!  

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