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Baron the Great

Admist all the Allen Iverson rumors and how Baron Davis might or might not be traded for him, you'd expect that to mess with BDiddy's head. His career with Golden State could come to a end any day now, but, as Janny Hu reports, he's using it as motivation.

"The better you play, the less likely you are to get traded," Davis said after Tuesday's shootaround. "That's the way I figure it."

Those are numbers befitting an All-Star, and perhaps Davis' reminder to the Warriors and coach Don Nelson that before they go looking outside for an elite player, they have one right at home.

"I love playing for coach Nellie," Davis said. "I think that he's given me something to be happy about, playing basketball again. Trade rumors come around ... You hear a lot of stuff. You just got to play better."

And my favorite part of the article:

For his part, Davis said he and Iverson would make an "awesome" backcourt.

But would there be enough balls to go around?

"With Nellie-ball, there's more balls than you can imagine," he said.

I love Baron's attitude about the situation. He could be bitter about it, but instead takes the high road and uses it as motivation to play better. He knows the Warriors want a franchise player and is doing his best to prove that we already have one. In the past, he's been said to have attitude problems, but this is an example of how a leader handles the situation. No matter what happens, you know he's going to give 110%.

Baron for AI? Not going to happen if Baron keeps up his All-Star play of the last few games. That's the Baron we all expect. The team does not live and die by his shooting. If he's having an off-shooting night like he did against the Kings, he helps out in other ways. He's still got some things to work on to get better, but he's making a strong case for another All-Star berth.

If you could have just one player to play on the Warriors, Baron or AI, who do you take?

Vote: Baron or AI?

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