What to do come trade deadline?

In my opinion i think the best way to go is to sell low on murphy and sell hi on JRich. Get those two contracts off of our payroll so we can build through our young guys (sounds redundant, i know). Murph is no longer an asset to this team. His presence actually hurts the Warriors.
Unfortunately we would have to lose JRich as well. It will be tough to depart with his hustle, but in the end, he is no Wade. He is not a guy who will ever make his teammates better. He would be most effective in a Richard Jefferson type role in which he is the third scorer.

Please make arguments saying that if Baron had a healthy JRich, this team would be a contender.

Anything we can do to get our payroll back in order should be a main priority. I know i am throwing in the towel for 06-07, but i no longer have my beer goggles on and see this team as slightly above average as a basketball TEAM. And in the west, you have to be better than that.

Creating chemistry with this team and the new guys is a must for the warriors. We need guys who block out, have a high ft%, make smart decisions, don't need the basketball to be effective, and just commit to win over everything else.

Oh yeah, and get that Kevin Durant from Texas! keep dreaming...

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