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RECAP: Warriors 109, Rockets 107 - Houston You Have a Problem

Final Boxscore

You all know what happened right? If not, let me help you out.

Before the game started, Murphy and Baron go through their pre-game ritual of lying on the trainer's table watching TNT.

Can't they get longer tables for the big men?

Nellie puts a little wrinkle into the starting lineup by starting Mr. Adonal "FOYAL" who just happened to play his biggest minutes of the year. Nellie made the adjustment after Biedrins got torn up by Yao in the last game because Yao proved to be too big and strong. This time around he tried out Foyle who would better be able to absorb Yao's punishment and also allow Biedrins to rest. I'm really not sure if it made a difference as Yao went for 38 points and 18 boards, but whatever, the Warriors won this time by 2 and lost by 28 last time. And Foyle got 4 blocks!

Box out Foyle, box out!

Just like on Tivo let's hit the fast forward button for 47 minutes and 55 seconds of game time passes. Bloop bloop. Bloop bloop. Bloop bloop. 5 seconds to go. Rockets up 1, the ball in Baron's hands. Last year in a similar situation, Luther Head hit a game tying 3 that eventually led to a Houston win and a Warrior season collapse. This year, it was Baron's turn to be the hero. And boy did he come up big! Down 1, he knocked down the game winning 3 to put the Warriors up 2 with just 1.2 seconds to go.

The Oracle was going crazy!

But there was one last shot to be taken.

This looks just like that Stephen Jackson shot, except Yao's first three of the season misses and the Warriors escape with a win. Phew!

In conclusion, this game was all about Baron. 34 points (12-22 FG), 8 assists, and one big shot. We don't need to trade Baron for Iverson! We already have our franchise player. Play on Baron, play on.

The daunting 6 game road trip is just around the corner. At 12-11, if the Warriors can just go 3-3, they'll still be above water when they come back to The Town. Up next is RED HOT Phoenix. But until tomorrow's game, let's enjoy this big win over one of the top Western teams.

Warrior Wonder: Baron Davis. Distributer. Scorer. Leader. Winner. Warrior. Wonder.

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