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Recap: Warriors 115, Raptors 120- Podcast Version

GSoM friend Ryan McNeill of is Mr. Podcast of the hoops blogosphere. Since the Dubs and Ryan's squad the Raptors squared off earlier this morning, we decided to talk a little hoops this late Sunday afternoon. The coolest part about our discussion was trading West Coast and East Coast perspectives on the Warriors and Raptors. Here's just a few of the other topics we covered:

  • Andrea Bargnani earning his first double-double of his career
  • How much upside Chris Bosh has
  • Andrea Bargani swatting six shots
  • The development of Monta Ellis
  • We debate whether we’d swap Baron Davis for TJ Ford
  • Should teams be excited about Morris Peterson being a free agent this summer
  • If the Warriors will trade Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis for Allen Iverson

You can listen to our discussion over at 360 The Pitch [29:31 minutes].


I arrogantly penciled the Warriors for an easy win this morning against Raptors, who I jokingly term the Craptors, but the Warriors and Raptors split the season series 1-1. Maybe the difference between these two squads isn't as great as Warriors fans would like to believe. Which team do you think has a brighter future for the next 2 to 3 seasons?

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