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Rumor: Troy Murphy for P.J. Brown

Today's rumor features the man who needs no introduction to the trade rumor mill... Troy Murphy!

From Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald:

The Bulls could use another big man, but as usual, there aren't many available. The Bulls might consider swapping [P.J.] Brown for New Jersey's Jason Collins if the Nets want to get out from under the last two years of Collins' contract to save money for Vince Carter's next deal.

They might consider Golden State power forward Troy Murphy if he was offered. Prying Jeff Foster away from Indiana is a longshot, but the Bulls would love to have him. The Bulls would almost certainly pass on Portland center Jamaal Magloire and his rapidly declining production.

A Troy Murphy- P.J. Brown swap actually makes a lot of sense for both teams. TMurph's a solid half court offensive player, but isn't a good fit for Nellie's uptempo offense. The Bulls on the other hand could utilize him in half court sets. Murphy's defensive limitations are well documented, but by teaming him along side the Bulls' cast of defenders those issues could be masked.

Brown would give the Warriors a much-need defender in the paint and a solid veteran presence. At this point in his career, Brown can't even begin approach Murph's offensive output, but the Warriors already have a plethora of jump shooters and players who like jacking shots up. Right now generating offense isn't nearly as big of a problem for the Warriors as getting key defensive stops.

Even young Sixers fans love P.J.!
(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

We'll most likely never see this trade go down however, because of the finances. Brown's $8 million contract expires after this season, but Murphy has 4 more years after this season at a hefty sum of over $40 million. The Bulls should be able to do better than trading for Troy Murphy and his big money deal on the trading market with Brown's expiring contract.

Would you trade Troy Murphy for P.J. Brown?

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