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GSoM Q&A with Bob Fitzgerald 12/15/06 (Part 2 of 2)

Golden State of Mind somehow managed to catch Golden State Warriors television play-by-play announcer Bob Fitzgerald for a quick Q&A during the 2 minutes of free time he had when the Warriors began their current road swing in Phoenix last week. Bob of course needs no introduction to Warriors Nation, but here's a few highlights from his outstanding resume: the TV voice of the Warriors for nearly a decade, the voice of the San Jose SaberCats for over a decade, a popular radio host on KNBR (currently co-hosting Fitz and Brooks with Rod Brooks), and the voice of the NBA 2k video game series. You can read more about Bob Fitzgerald on his Warriors Broadcaster Bio at FSN Bay

You've read Part I and now here's the second part of our Q&A with Bob...


Golden State of Mind: If you were running the Warriors front office for the past 12 years and you could go back in time, what's the one move (draft pick, trade, free agent signing, extension or hire) you would do differently and why?

Bob Fitzgerald: First, I want to be commissioner and put in the rule that allows you to match offers made to second round picks (this now exists). That would have allowed the Warriors to keep Gilbert Arenas. His loss and the rule prohibiting the Warriors from matching the contract still makes me mad. You are smart enough to draft someone in the second round, you develop him and then your hands are tied as far as matching an offer from another team. Obviously, this has been changed and is now called the Gilbert Arenas exception in the CBA. I think Gilbert wanted to stay here and I know the Warriors wanted to keep him. Just unfortunate all the way around.

Golden State of Mind: What's the ceiling on the Warriors two budding young talents Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins? Solid pro's? All Stars? All-NBA?

Bob Fitzgerald: They are standing the league on its ear right now. Scary to think how good both could be. As far as All-Stars, Warrior fans should be on the internet voting for Andris right now. Other than Yao , who is the second best center in the West right now?? I think you are watching him on a nightly basis.

Golden State of Mind: What do the Warriors need to do to make the playoffs this year?

Bob Fitzgerald: The Clippers or Lakers to go into a big slump. All three Texas teams are in, Utah and Phoenix are in. Likely that Denver makes it. And probably the Lakers. That leaves only one spot for the Warriors, Clippers, T-Wolves, Sonics and Kings. Let's get the Warriors fully healthy and see how things play out.

Golden State of Mind: You know the Bay Area sports scene as well as anybody. Rank the order in which we'll see these six Bay Area teams win a championship: Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, and San Jose Sharks.

Bob Fitzgerald: Sharks will get one first and you forgot the SaberCats who already have won two. A's are probably in the hunt and the other teams need to develop. Warriors and 49ers are very young and moving in the right direction. Giants and Raiders probably need some rebuilding.

Golden State of Mind: You've done radio, TV, journalism, and even been the voice in the NBA 2k series video game. Which job is the most challenging? Most fun?

Bob Fitzgerald: I've never been a journalist. Play-by-Play guy and talk show opinion guy. I do no reporting and don't claim to be unbiased. I just have a lot more information at my disposal to form my opinions. Talking about sports for a living and calling games is just an amazing job. Other than the travel, it couldn't be any more fun. Sometimes you find work that you were just born to do. For me, I have spent thousands of hours behind a microphone and in front of a camera, from Notre Dame to Ohio State to the CBA, the Sharks, the NFL, college football, arena football, the Olympics, the Warriors, KNBR and even video games. All of it is fun and I enjoy it every day.


If you want to follow up on any of Bob's thoughts in this Q&A or ask him and Warriors television analyst Jim Barnett something else, definitely head on over to the Ask Bob and Jim section on FSN Bay Bob and Jim answer one of these questions every night on the air- it could be you!

Special thanks to GSoM friend Jen Franklin at FSN Bay Area for connecting us with Bob Fitzgerald.

Also see Part I of Bob's Q&A with us.

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