AI to LAC helps GS -?!

If AI were traded to the west, could it help us?

Los Angeles has offered Corey Maggette, Cuttino Mobley and Sam Cassell, but the 76ers still want Livingston, a 21-year-old who is being groomed to replace the 37-year-old Cassell at the point in the next couple of years.

How could this help the Warriors? We'd be battling the Clippers ...

Coach Mike Dunleavy is pushing to make a deal, in part, so he can clear enough cap room to acquire his son, Mike Dunleavy Jr., from the Warriors. But he and Clippers management are not ready to part with Livingston.

If there is any shred of truth to this, the Warriors are fools not to stay involved. The only team rumored to have any interest in Dun for months is his pappy's club. If we can't move him to Philly as part of an AI trade, maybe LAC ...

How can Mullin help this deal happen?!

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