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The Allen Iverson Trade: Throwing Up W's and L's

After more rumors than 4th quarter Warrior collapses this season and predictions from everyone including Miss Cleo, the Allen Iverson trade has finally begin completed. AI will be packing his ice, headbands, ice, armbands, ice, and ski gear for the Mile High City along with budding superstar Ivan McFarline (more on Ivan below). There's supposedly some guys headed to Philly to meet some serious boo-birds too.

Now that it's all over, let's throw up some W's for the winners and some L's for the losers in the Allen Iverson trade:

Throwing Up W's

  • The city of Denver: If I asked you to name the top 20 sports cities in the US of A, I bet 95% of you wouldn't mention Denver. How in the name of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf did this city luck into Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson? How in the name of Kiki Vandeweghe do the only two fellas sporting cornrows and tats in this town just happen to be Melo and AI?
    Allen Iverson: "Yao, where's Denver? Down there?"

    Yao: "Nope, up there."


  • Denver Nuggets: After their stupid brawl with the New York Knickerbockers and the heavy suspensions, everyone in the league will be talking about how they brought Allen Iverson to the Rocky Mountains for the bargain price of Andre Miller (George Karl didn't seem to be his biggest fan anyway), Joe Smith (another great draft pick by the Warriors), and two 2007 first-round picks. FAN-tastic trade guys. An even more FAN-tastic PR move guys!
    Wait, AI and Melo live here?!


  • Philadelphia 76ers: Sure, they didn't get much in return for the face of their franchise for the past decade, but they wanted to tank it for Greg Oden and this trade won't do that much to help them end their 11 game losing streak. Aside from Miller, they avoided saddling themselves with a long term expensive contract. Of course if they don't end up with Oden or a superstar with their own picks and those 2 first round picks from Denver don't pan out, you can move them to the Throwing Up L's column.


  • Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith: This was the best thing that could've possibly happened to Mr. Sucka-punch and his high-scoring sidekick. Instead of people talking about the "incident", they'll be talking how they can't wait to see them on the floor with AI. This just isn't fair. Where's the love for Mardy? What does get Mardy get? Nothing, but more pine time on Isiah's expensive bench.


  • NBA Front Offices that don't have a clue: Attention: Knicks (Isiah Thomas), Warriors (Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins), Celtics (Danny Ainge), and Timberwolves (Kevin McHale)- No matter how terrible a mess you make on your respective squads you'll always get a chance to "clean things up" by trading away your best players for pennies on the dollar. You have the best job in the world. That tip's on me, but make sure to send Billy King a nice Xmas card this year for the great execution.


  • Ivan McFarline: Don't lie. You had no idea who he was until this trade. But mark my words: Ivan will forever go down as the real reason Denver made this trade with Philadelphia. Ivan! Ivan! Ivan!
    Ivan's a shutdown defender who always guards the other team's best player.


  • Anyone who plays with the Nuggets in NBA Street Volume 4 video game: You got Allen Iverson raining treys, dishing out dimes, and picking pockets with Melo dropping points even faster than he can drop Mardy Collins to the floor. Plus you've got Marcus Camby swatting shots into the stands and dominating the glass. As we like to say on GSoM, "Unstoppable, baby!"

Throwing Up L's

  • Golden State Warriors: Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Troy Murphy, Mickael Pietrus, Mike Dunleavy, Adonal Foyle, Ike Diogu, and Zarko Cabarkapa. Yup, all those guys have been mentioned in the Allen Iverson trade rumors and yes you're correct that's pretty much the entire Warriors' roster. What kind of message are Mullin and Higgins sending to the players if they're always in the papers going to some other squad? Either trade them and move on or show some confidence in these players and stay out of the trade talk. Be decisive. It's reminiscent of last year's Ron Artest trade saga where half the Warriors roster was worried sick about being traded and went on some ugly 5+ game losing streaks.
    The Answer for Nellieball!

    One important lesson for Warrior fans who think the Dubs actually have a legitimate shot at trading for Kevin Garnett. When teams part with a mega-star who's been the face of their franchise, they always try their hardest to move them to the other conference. So yes, look for Adonal Foyle to eventually get traded to the Eastern Conference.


  • Boston Celtics: It continues to amaze me that Danny Ainge still has his job. And it continues to amaze me that this franchise and it's very loud fanbase still have faith that their young "super talent" will ever amount to much in the win column. (Think the Clippers of a few years back with Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, Andre Miller, Lamar Odom, and Elton Brand, but minus Miller, Odom, and Brand. Please, please keep those Green Goggles away from the Warriors' front office!) Most amazing of all it continues to amaze me that Paul Pierce signed up for more of this amazement this past offseason with a contract extension. Hope you're enjoying that paper Paul- ain't that The Truth!

    Also, did Ainge and Celtics fans honestly think the 76ers were going to trade Allen Iverson to the them? Do you really think the 76ers wanted to see AI torch them 4 times a year and haunt them for the next 3 seasons in their own division? Now that would be stupid. Danny Ainge running an NBA franchise stupid.


  • Minnesota Timberwolves: If there's any truth to the reports that they wouldn't part with Randy Foye for Allen Iverson, then McHale and the TWolves should have to forfeit 5 future draft picks in honor of Joe Smith. Kevin McHale is such a terrible GM he makes his former Celtic teammate Danny Ainge look like Jerry West.


  • Kevin Garnett: KG admirably wants to go down fighting as a TWolve. He would've had a chance at a storybook ending if McHale and crew brought The Answer to town. But no! Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor went out and publicly stated that he couldn't and wouldn't trade for AI and McHale displayed his usual ineptitude letting a Northwest division foe get stronger.

    At this point, KG has a better chance of winning a title if he teamed up with some random ballers from India. Ricky Davis? Randy Foye? Eddie Griffin? Justin Reed? Trenton Hassell? Troy Hudson? Mark Madsen? Mike James? Puh-leeze. KG's better off with Ricky Singh, Randy Rao, Eddie Patel, Justin Reddy, Trenton Venkateswaran, Troy Subramanian, Mark Mukherjee, and Mike Jayaram. Well, KG does love India!
    Maybe the Timberwolves will do a better job drafting and signing free agents if they look here.

    On a side note, how crazy would it be if this trade went down? FREE KG!


  • The (L)Eastern Conference: The weak just got weaker. I swear I'm going to fall to the floor laughing if Greg Oden lands in the West this summer.


  • The NBA: Two of the league's biggest superstars and big names are in... Denver? Huh? Meanwhile major markets like New York, the Bay Area, and Philly have pathetic squads that are going nowhere fast. That can't be good for the league. Come on Commissioner Stern! Work some of that Patrick Ewing lottery magic in the 2007 NBA Draft.


  • Reebok: Their most popular international icon is playing in... Denver? 99.99% of the world doesn't know Denver from Delaware.
    Yeah fellas- I hope you didn't invest too much in Reebok stock.

    Delaware- ooops, I mean Denver on the map. Actually wait, that's Colorado.


  • Philly fans: I feel for you folks. You just lost Allen Iverson. Let me say that again. You just lost Allen Iverson. Oh well, just keep booing. You guys do that better than the cheesesteaks.


  • Allen Iverson: Can you believe AI is playing in Denver? Denver of all places? That's like Michael Jordan playing in Memphis.


Who are your winners and losers from the Allen Iverson trade?


A final look at the AI rumor mill:

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