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Unstoppable Baby! Clothing Line Launches

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It's taken awhile but we are finally able to bring you the GSoM/Unstoppable Baby clothing line. From your suggestions on our initial designs we came up with some HOT clothing. Check them out and visit the GSoM Store.

We've got 2 t-shirts for you to wear to the game, to work, to school, to the beach, to bed and just about anywhere else you want. Both shirts sport the GSoM text on the front while the back has the logo and "Unstoppable Baby!" tagline. Can't beat that.

GSoM White T-Shirt

GSoM Ash Grey T-Shirt

But the clothing line wouldn't be complete without "Unstoppable Baby!" boxers. The ladies LOVE these.

As far as pricing, each item is marked up $2 above the Cafe Press base cost. Of that $2, we are putting $1 into a to be determined charity and $1 into the GSoM season ticket fund. So the profit on every purchase will go directly to a good cause.

So get clicking over to the GSoM store and get some hot new threads.

UPDATE 10:35am: It looks like Warriors Nation went nuts! The entire CafePress site seems to be temporarily down. Don't worry I'm sure they can accommodate us all shortly. We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 12:04pm: is back up! Get your holiday shopping on at the GSoM store and look for more hot items to drop soon... as in later today soon.

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