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The Don Nelson Show on KNBR 12/21/06

Every Thursday Warriors head coach Don Nelson has a show with The Razor & Mr. T on KNBR 680. The audio from last week's show is archived online. Definitely give it a listen.

Here's some topics Nellie covered:

  • The Celtics game last week was the most frustrating win of the season so far
  • Both JR and Monta played in the Celtics game, but he wished they weren't there
  • Dunleavy played bad down the stretch, so he put in Barnes who was worse, and then put Dunleavy back in who was even worse than the first time
  • He likes Iverson and thinks the Nuggets will be tough in the playoffs
  • His thoughts on the Nuggets- Knicks fight
  • When he was younger he'd order hard fouls, but he wouldn't do that anymore

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