BD vs Agent 0

After watching Gilbert Arenas' recent explosion (well we all knew he could score at will), the meloncholy never ceases to set in when i see number zero drop 30, 40, 50, even 60 points on opponents! I may be biased because I always was a Gilbert fan over fellow 01'ers Jason Richardson and Troy Murphy, but it has been the worst mistake, in a whole cadre of epic mistakes for the Warriors not to resign him (Damn Bird Rights loophole!).
I found this off an old Mock Draft web site written by Steve Besselman:

The #11 pick could actually have great value to the team as trade bait. Adding another young player may not help this team as much as adding a veteran.

St. Jean has done a good job with the last two drafts, but he seems to be gun-shy about trades. The team hasn't tipped it's hand on any of it's options, but it has 3 expiring contracts to work with this season. With over 15 million in expiring contracts and a stable of young players, the team would appear to be in a position of strength in trade talks. But then again, they failed to do anything at the trade deadline, and that's led to the current Arenas crisis.

The following summer we got rid of Jamison's max contract along with the expiring of Danny Fortsons. Unfortunately this wasn't in time or didn't clear enough cap space and Gil left for DC. (I don't remember, I didn't have cable so i couldn't follow the Warriors as much).

Fantasy vs. Reality: Gil vs. Baron. I argue that Gilbert would be a better fit for this team than Baron is right now if he had stayed.

Scoring: Advantage: Gilbert, dynamic scorer that forces the defenses to collapse and can finish in traffic. BD does this very well too. However Gilbert shoots the ball at a higher percentage and the 3 point field goal at a much, much higher percentage than that. Gilbert gets to the freethrow line much more because he does not settle for the outside shot. He is a slasher and a driver which allows him to get his points if and when his shot isn't falling.
Passing/Turnovers: Advantage: Baron, has much more court vision and is more careful with the rock in his hands than Mr. Hibachi!. Baron gets his teammates involved when he wants to, however he puts too much responsibility to take every shot in crunch time. Combine that with his low fg% and you have many disappointing 4th quarters.
Defense: Advantage: Tie, While Baron is currently among the tops in steals per game, Gil isn't slacking in this stat either. Simply put, both do not change the state of the game by their defensive tenacity. They are both more effective on the offensive side and that is exactly where it shows.
Intangibles: Advantage: Gilbert, Can dominate a game and crush the spirit of a team when he applies himself. He would not let his team lose to the Suns and to Mike D'Antoni and Bryan Colangelo.  Gilbert makes up for his average assist ratio and high turnover rate by scoring, scoring and scoring some more. Gilbert is also a clutch shooter who generally makes the right decision based on what the defense gives him.

Winner: Gilbert (If only this meant that he could be a Warrior once again). Baron is a solid star, but he hasn't been an All Star in 3 years while Gilbert has now made the All Star team twice and even All NBA 3rd team. Gilbert would have been our superstar to build around ala Allen Iverson. With our mix of players we could have contended for a playoff spot. Unfortunately we set ourselves back for who knows how long and still remain superstar-less.

If i was St. Jean i would have held a fire sale if only to keep Arenas because there is only one Number Zero in this league. And he should have been a Warrior for a long, long time.

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