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Rumor: Bulls Don't Want Troy Murphy's Long-term Contract

From Steve "BskBALL" Kyler for

A rumor surfaced this week suggesting the Warriors may have interest in the veteran Brown as they try to elevate their log-jam of overpaid forwards, and the name that popped up was Troy Murphy. Murphy is owed some $42 million over the next five seasons, making the likelihood of swap almost impossible given how much the Bulls have committed to their roster now. Murphy's limited play under Don Nelson and the fact that he is oft-injured make a deal even less likely. Surely the deal would give the Warriors something for nothing, but Bulls sources quickly dismissed the notion saying if PJ Brown were traded, it would not be for a long-term contract.

Thank you Chris and Rod for saddling the Warriors' salary cap with this excessive long-term contract that no other team is willing to take on even though TMurph is a solid half court player.

Are you surprised that the Warriors haven't been able to trade Troy "Trade Rumor" Murphy yet? They've been shopping him around pretty hard for close to a year now.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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