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GSoM Fantasy Hoops: 2 Months Later

It's been nearly two months since we started the GSoM Fantasy Hoops League so it's about time we updated you all on the standings. Remeber, this first season ends in February, so there's only 1 month left.

There's only 1 thing I know will happen for sure, Sleepy Freud will win. He's been in 1st for what seems like forever and shows no signs of slowing down. Currently he's up by 281 points on the 2nd place team, Ballin' Above All, so unless he benches all of his players for a week, none of us will have a chance. Good job, Sleepy.

To round out the top 10 we have:

  1. Ballin' Above All
  2. redape
  3. EternalWarriorsOptimist
  4. dangdang142
  5. Bob
  6. sftrdrdude
  7. xacto
  8. Skeptic con Urquell
  9. JudBooshlur
Yup, none of us 4 GSoM writers (Hash didn't create an entry) are in the top 10. In fact, 3 are really far off.
  1. Fantasy Junkie
  2. dj fuzzlogic
  3. Atma Brother #1
  4. YaoButtaMing
I'm making my move towards the top 15, but finishing top 10 will be tough. I've tried a few different tactics but they clearly haven't paid off well. My plan was to first raise my salary cap by picking up just the guys who were increasing in salary by the largest margins and then buy the high priced, high scoring guys. But this hasn't worked so well or I have done a bad job of it. Anyways, I'm at about $6 million over the starting cap and have a lot more flexibility with my players. Some of my best pickups that skyrocketed in value have been Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis, Deron Williams, and David Lee. Recently Al Jefferson has been zooming up in salary. So for the rest of the season I have to just go for points and try to get value guys. It's going to be tough to do with just the two trades, but at the same time, it's been a lot of fun.

Good luck to everyone the rest of Season 1.

Any strategies people have used that have been successful or failed?

Which players have helped you and which have hurt you?

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