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RECAP: Warriors 96, Kings 119 - Happy New Year!

"It could be a blessing in disguise, so we'll see." This is what Jason Richardson had to say last night after he BROKE his right hand, forcing him to miss up to 8 weeks. The blessing was in reference to his new-found ample time to heal the rest of his body by not forcing himself to play. I'm heartbroken like so many others and wish JRich (who is our heart and soul) a speedy recovery because without him, we are an average team! Do we have a doctor in here that can quickly heal his hand and knee?

Folks, we lost an ugly one last night against our neighbors the Kings, 96 to 119. This disappointing loss ends 2006 on a familiar note. But, I don't want to harp on the loss nor write about all the injuries we are dealing with right now. For 2007 I want to be more optimistic! So here is my 2007 countdown to the new year of everything we have to be thankful for at GSoM:

10) In 2007 we're hoping our friends at FSN Bay Area will put us on TV. You know we look good!
09) Shout out to the entire Warriors' Ticket Sales Rep team! You guys rock!
08) I'm thankful we have Nellie. Please get us there big guy!
07) Is it me or is the Warriors Jr. Jam Squad off the hook?

06) Imagine how good we'll be in 2007 when Baron, JRich, Ellis and the rest are all healthy!
05) To FSN Bay Area - thanks for the games, love, and Warrior energy!
04) To the Warrior Girls - 12 years with no playoffs, YET we still sell out every game? I think it's because of you!
03) With JRich out indefinitely we have a shot at fulfilling The Yi Movement ... or ...
02) In 2007 we will finally make the playoffs!
01) To all the loyal GSoM community members who take the time to read the site, post comments and create diaries, we owe everything to you! Thank you!


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