Not only did the warriors get embarrassed tonite vs the Kings, but there were many other things:

-Jrich out at least 2 months - apparently got kicked by Pietrus when going for a block (?)
-Mike Dunleavy and Don Nelson Apparentl went at it when he was taken out in the 1st half with ANOTHER inconsitient and horrible performance
-Mussleman gets his revenge and embarrasses us.
-Barnes was embarrassed in front of 40 family and friends
-Patrick O'Bryant sent to Development League - another wasted draft pick

BTW: Anyone else notice when Dunleavy makes a mistake, he ALWAYS turns immediately to Nelson on the sideline and makes up an excuse for his mistake, as if his mistakes are NEVER his fault - he acts like he hella good or something. he never accepts his faults (sorry if im kinda hard on him)

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