Dear J-Rich,

Whatsup brotha, this is a big fan of yours, GSDubZ here.  If you notice below, my signature icon is a picture of you hitting that big 3 last year in Dallas, and under the caption it says "poor in wins, rich in our hearts".  Well now, we are getting those wins, and reaching the point last year where our season tanked.  The only thing is, this season is different, and we know we will not tank (knock on wood).  However, as we finally do become rich in wins, it seems that you, the Rich heart of our team, are having the toughest season of your career.  With your name being mentioned in trades, and your inability to be YOURSELF since Nellie has arrived, I can understand how things have become frustrating.  You had a tough decision to make on your knee surgery, but you did the right thing.  You tried to rush back a little early, but you did it with the best of intentions and on some bad advice.  You broke your hand in a blowout loss, but you were just starting to get your rhythm back and it was just unlucky... don't blame yourself.  I want you to know that your fans, the true Warrior fans, have got your back.  We've repped you for years when we had nothing else to rep about, and we're not about to give up on you.  I have supported you in the past, I support you tonight, and I will support you in the future, especially the next couple of months while you rehab that hand and take this "blessing in disguise" as time to finish healing your knee.  Come March, when playoffs are around the corner, I have faith that you will give us that extra boost to get us where we need to be.  I see the dedication you have put in for your team, especially when no one else believed in us, and I know for damn sure you won't stop bringing that dedication now. So J.R., if you read this, just know, your real fans still got NUTHIN' but love for you.  Waaaaaaaaaaaarrrioooooors 4 life.  


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