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Tim Kawakami Grades the 9-8 Warriors

GSoM friend Tim Kawakami does a nice comparison of this year's early season Warriors versus last season's squad in Warriors’ Stage 1 report card: Solid B+, but heading for rougher water. It's an interesting and well-researched piece that you should definitely check out.

Reading the piece the one thing that stands out is that the numbers just don't add up for this squad. They're improved and are actually on the NBA map in several key stats, but have a mediocre record that won't get it done in the Western Conference playoff chase. Part of it is failing to close out games, horrid free throw shooting, and silly turnovers. Still, for the most part they've been fun to watch and look like a much different squad than last year's frustrating bunch.

What grade would you give the Warriors for their performance through 17 games?

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