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OPEN THREAD: Game #18 - Warriors vs Spurs


Warriors (W-L): 9-8

Spurs (W-L): 12-5

Time: 5:00PM PST tip off

Well. This should be interesting. Could it be that our beloved Dubs have a knack for taking down the big dogs and losing to inferior teams? So far this season we have brought down premiere teams like Dallas, Detroit, and Utah. Hell we've even shut down San Antonio! Can Beidrins defend Duncan with the same ferocity he did last time we played? Will Monta, Dunleavy, and the rest of the crew fire on all cylinders tonight? With Jason Richardson out, tonight is all about clean defense and precision offense. Wasted possessions are not taken lightly in the hands of the Spurs.

It's David vs Goliath all over again in San Antonio. Get your game faces on.

Vegas Odds: San Antonio favored by 8 points.

GSoM Prediction: Us? Of course we think it's going to happen. Our Dubs better be fired up about the past two useless losses on our record. We're going to come out swinging tonight, and not even the mighty Spurs can stand in our way. Warriors by 5.

Make sure to drop your vote for who you think will win in the Comments. If you're watching or listening near a computer, post any comments you have during the game right here.


UPDATE: Live Box Score from Yahoo!

UPDATE 2: Warriors lose a... ahem, "close one" 89-129

Stay tuned for the recap...

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