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GSoM Week in Review: Nov 27 - Dec 3

I'm bringing it back from the dead. It's your GSoM Week in Review, all the highlights from the past week, November 27th thru December 3rd.

What a rough week we just went through. We started on a major high with a defeat of the Spurs but then lost to Indiana on a last second shot and then forgot the game was 4, not 3 quarters in a loss to the Bucks.

Fret not though, we're bringing you the GSoM t-shirts as soon as we can. Hopefully they'll be ready in time for Christmas.

Another interesting topic that came up was the Monta Ellis vs. Kevin Martin debate for who should be the Most Improved Player.

As always, we had some more Wednesday Warrior Web Pins. Check them out when you can and come up with your own if you haven't already done so.

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