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RECAP: Warriors 90, Rockets 118 - Deja Vu

Final Boxscore

I swear I had this nightmare before. It happens sometimes. You wake up in a cold sweat. Shivers. You keep telling yourself it can't be real. No way. Afraid to go back because the same thing might happen all over again. But you go back. You always go back. It's like Déjà vu.

Can Denzel ball? At least he could act like he cares.

It's scary isn't it. One night we get blown out by 40. Then the following night we come close, only to lose it in the final seconds by a mere 28 points. A break here, a break there, maybe a loose ball bounces our way and we're right in the game! Okay maybe not.

You know, I could write on and on about the game tonight, but let me have the actual team tell you about tonight, Game Quotes

Don Nelson on the Warriors play:

We didn't play well offensively or didn't pass or move the ball or execute our game plan. We proved we are not ready to play the best teams in the NBA.

Baron Davis on the team's recent funk:

We just don't have it. We don't have to be what it takes to be an elite team. It's same ole same ole and I have no idea. I should be asking you the questions. We haven't been playing with any passion. We have to be a hard-nosed team and that is not happening. We're not a team right now and that has to change.

Troy Murphy on playing against Yao:

We tried to run early with Yao (Ming) but that didn't go well for us. He's playing great. He's improved so much this year. His conditioning and strength are unbelievable. You couldn't stop him inside when he get the ball.

They always say a picture tells a thousand words. So instead of typing and increasing my chances of carpal tunnel, let me just show you what happened tonight.

Dunk you very much.

High 5 from Andris!

Foyle got some burn. `Nuff said.

With Dikembe's Flying Elbows nowhere in sight, Tmac was free to dunk all over the Warriors, not just once...

...but many more times

The game was just like the pictures you just saw, ALL Houston.

Warrior Wonder: Ooooh tough one. So many players to choose from. First, I have to say sorry to Zorgon and the others pining for Adonal to get this one. As much fun as it would be, a 0 point, 3 rebound night doesn't earn this special award. Second, I want to give it to Hash's sandwich, but he was a no show in the FJ household. He wasn't there to make my hunger go away when the lead ballooned so I'm denying him his 2nd Warrior Wonder. So I have to give it to...hmmm...uhhhh...hold on...Oh, I got it! Jessica Alba. She's the default Warrior Wonder. When there's nobody to give it to, she's always there to back us up. She's never off her game like the Warriors were tonight.

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