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Offensive Offense

Lots of these lately.

Janny Hu takes a look at what's been plaguing the Warriors the past few games. In her article, Warriors look to put game back together, she points out the deficiencies on offense as a major hurdle to overcome.

Teams traditionally shoot better at home, and the Warriors are no exception. Golden State is hitting 44 percent of its shots on the road compared with 49 percent at Oracle Arena. Baron Davis is shooting 35 percent on the road and 47 percent at home. Mickael Pietrus lags even more on the road, where his shooting percentage is 22 points worse than at home. Monta Ellis shoots 7 percentage points worse on the road.

Baron and Troy recognize the problem and have this to say:

"We have to be a hardnosed, scrappy defensive team," Davis said. "We have to get a lot of deflections, we have to move the ball, we got to create plays for each other, and that's not happening. We're coming down, the ball's not moving, players aren't moving, we're not hitting open shots. Nobody's getting out."

"We aren't really passing the ball as easily as we did in previous games, for whatever reason," Murphy added. "I don't know (why). Your guess is probably as good as mine."

But Mike Dunleavy sheds some light on the subject.

"One of the things we have a tough time with is getting a play in -- called, everybody understanding it, getting into that play -- we really struggle with that right now," Dunleavy said. "Coach is trying to (plant) his system and get his plays, and it doesn't happen in a week or month. It takes some time. We'll eventually get to it, and it will make us a better team."
These are professional ballplayers and they still can't run plays? Now I don't feel so bad when the teams I play on can't run a play and it turns into a pickup ball type of offense.

You know Chris and The Don read the site religiously. So let's get some GSoM solutions going. How do we fix the team?

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