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3 Days Off

Nellie tries out the new Warrior jerseys.

The Texas 2-step turned into a disaster and Warrior fans are trying to stay positive and hold on to what once looked like a very promising season. Now we get to see what this team is really made of. Last year, they collapsed. This year, I say they rebound with a strong game against the Hornets.

This is part of the reason they brought Don Nelson in. This is how he's going to really earn his money. Monty was unable to stop the downward spiral of long losing streaks. Hopefully Nellie hasn't lost his Hall of Fame coaching skills, and can prevent this losing streak from getting to 8, 9, 10 games like last year. He's got to cut if off right now at 4 and get the Warriors back on track. He's going to have to make changes to the lineup and the way they play. Most of all, he's got to change the players' attitude and motivate them to come out with confidence. Otherwise, we might as well have kept Monty around because if he can't turn the team around we'll only win 30-35 games.

Marcus Thompson II covers the Warriors recent slide and what the team is doing about it in his article, Round 2: Warriors knocked out again.

They have three days to stop the bleeding, three days to mend the gaping holes in their pride after consecutive thrashings.

Warriors Coach Don Nelson gave the team a day off today, which he said would be followed by two hard practices before the Warriors host New Orleans on Saturday.

"I'm very disappointed in our passing the last two games," Nelson said. "Monta (Ellis) had no assists tonight. The time we needed to make the extra pass to stretch their defense further, we just didn't do that."

Davis promised to take advantage of the three days off by resting and getting back in the gym. Visibly agitated, he acknowledged he didn't know how to fix the Warriors' woes.

"Basketball is played with emotion," Davis said. "It's played with passion, it's played from a mental aspect and it's a physical game. We haven't played with any of that. I mean bits and pieces. In order for us to win, we have to be a hard-nosed, scrappy type of basketball team. We have to get a lot of deflections, we've got to move the ball, we've got to create, and that's not happening."

Will Nellie earn his money and get this team back on track?

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