Jrich out indefinitely...iverson available.

well, this ain't good. Bone bruise on his knee??!! When did that happen? All this time, I thought he was hobbling around because of the knee surgery. But, it turns out to be an "unrelated" bone bruise. On the flip side, apparently Iverson has asked to be traded and the sixers are agressively looking into granting his wish. There were rumors over the summer of the W's being interested in him. Hopefully, they will at least entertain the idea. They would be loaded with guard talent if the trade did not involve BD, Jrich or Monta. Would the sixers have any use at all for Foyle?...How about Ike....Murphy? I doubt there is a scenario where Jrich or BD wouldn't be part of the package.
Would the W's be that much better if they flipped BD for The Answer? Maybe.

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