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Reasons the Dubs Will Miss the Playoffs

The always sharp Marcus Thompson recently dropped a list Ten Reasons: The Warriors Won't Make the Playoffs on his happening new blog Hoop Junkie. Make sure to check out his list.

About a month and a half ago I made these predictions about the Warriors' record this season for the WikiWarriors piece I dropped for the NBA Blog Previews:

  • 41-41 as presently constituted with an injury free season
  • 34-48 as presently constituted with significant injuries
  • 45-37 with a few trades for some shooters and an athletic 4 or 5 near the February trade deadline

When I originally made those predictions I had no idea Jason Richardson would still be struggling with his recovery from offseason knee surgery this much after 19 games. Right now without any trades I see this as a 36-38 win team. I'm just not seeing playoffs. Again, I'm really hoping for some sort of roster shakeup. I have faith in Nellie.

In honor of the Warriors 12 year playoff drought, I'll add two more reasons to MT's list why the Warriors won't make the playoffs...

11. Too soft
Especially down low. Andris Biedrins and Mickael Pietrus have done a very admirable job in the shot blocking department this year, but overall the Warrior forwards and centers don't intimidate anyone down low. There's no enforcer or bad boy on this squad.

12. The talent isn't there to compete in the West
In the East this team is probably a top 5 squad, but the in West the Warriors are a collection of bottom-tier talent. Chris Mullin and company's long list of mistakes are haunting this squad. Nellie is unquestionably an all time great coach, but it's asking way too much from him to shape up this mismatched roster and leapfrog over superior rosters in the wild, wild, west.

Do you think the Dubs will make the playoffs this season? Drop ten reasons why they will or won't make it in the comments.

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