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Rumor: Allen Iverson Wants Out of Philly + Warriors Need The Answer

I've been a hoops junkie for nearly two decades and over the years there's two things I've learned are sure things in the NBA:

  1. 9 times out of 10 an untrained monkey has a higher probability of making a better decision that the Warriors' front office
  2. Anything that Peter Vecsey says will happen never actually happens.

Still, Vecsey's article today for the New York Post based on his "inside sources" about Allen Iverson wanting out of Philly actually seems plausible. I really think AI won't be sporting a Sixers jersey by late February.

Dave Del Grande thinks the Warriors should make a move for Allen Iverson and I couldn't agree more. He suggests moving Baron Davis plus Ike Diogu or Troy Murphy, but I would actually work hard to try to team up BD with AI. I would move anyone on this roster aside from Boom Dizzle and JRich for AI. If Billy King and the Sixers' front office stood their ground and wanted a part of the BoomRich backcourt to make a deal for The Answer to happen, I'd honestly seriously consider pulling the trigger. Here's why:

  • First and foremost check out Iverson's career numbers
  • AI instantly puts the Warriors back on the NBA map. It's similar to what Chris Webber did for the Sacramento Kings earlier this decade. Minus CDubb, the Kings are still on the NBA map nearly 7 years later.
  • Normally I'd say Allen Iverson would be absolutely pissed to be traded to the NBA's version of no man's land (ahem, "Golden State"), but with Nellie and his run and gun offense he'd quickly learn to like it here.
  • No one on this roster will ever be as good of a player as Allen Iverson is right now at the age of 31. It's difficult to project any current Warrior being as good as he will be for the next 3 years either (AI's contract goes through the 2008-09 season).
  • From last summer's trade market, it seemed like the Sixers wanted JRich and TMurph for Iverson. That would still leave the Warriors with AI and BD. That would work wonders in the West. The passing, the scoring, the energy, and the hustle (that's probably 5 steals a game right there) would be fun to watch.
  • Now's the time to sucker some front office into thinking that Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins have unlimited, super star potential. Package them along with some of the nightmare contracts (Adonal Foyle, Troy Murphy, and Mike Dunleavy) and the Warriors might be able to have a trio of Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, and Jason Richardson for the next few years. Add some average players or free agents to that trio and the Warriors would make some noise in the Western Conference playoffs.
  • As Iverson transitions to the latter part of his career, he's going to be a great passing point guard. I imagine his scoring will go down to the mid or low 20's, but his assists will reach double digits. His court vision is just THAT good.
  • And of course it makes plenty of cents for Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell- The Oracle Arena is guaranteed to sell out every single night with Allen Iverson donning a Warriors' uniform. AI jerseys would be the hottest item in the Bay. No question.

I'll admit I'm 100% biased on this one as Allen Iverson has been my favorite basketball player for over a decade. I've been following him since his playing days at Georgetown. I was loudly and obnoxiously rooting for him and the 2002 Philadelphia 76ers to pull off the huge upset against the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals when I lived in SoCal.

One of the greatest NBA Finals games of all time. Too bad the rest of the series was terrible.

Do you think Allen Iverson could take the Warriors to the playoffs this year? What would you give up for him?


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