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Rumor: Warriors, Celtics, and Pacers in the Mix for Allen Iverson

Check out this tidbit from the Seattle Times NBA Notebook today:

The New York Daily News reported the Knicks were expected to make a bid for Iverson, but a source close to the 76ers classified the Knicks as a longshot. Boston, Indiana and Golden State have emerged as candidates to acquire Iverson, who has three years and $60 million remaining on his contract. Denver and Minnesota are other possible suitors.

It's a little fuzzy from the way that was phrased- does "emerged as candidates" simply mean these three squads were contacted by the Sixers (we were informed that the Warriors, Sonics, and Nuggets were contacted too) or does this mean the interest is mutual?

Regardless of what goes down with Iverson on the trading front, one thing that should bring a smile to Warriors Nation is AI and KG probably won't be teamed up together thanks to TWolves owner Glenn Taylor declaring that they can't afford Iverson. This means two things:

  1. There won't be another guaranteed playoff team in the West to kill the Dubs' dreams of ending that 12 year playoff drought this season.
  2. There's still some hope that the Warriors can bring KG to the Bay. (Although, this is one of those "never in a million years" scenarios)

This should also bring Kevin Garnett into a serious state of rage especially after he said this:

Garnett wants him, too. He and Iverson both have been NBA MVPs, but neither has won a title. With Minnesota considered one of the teams that is capable of making a run at Iverson, Garnett hopes his team will go for it. "Bring it on, I love 'The Answer,'" Garnett said. "We welcome A.I. with open arms. Where's Kevin McHale?"


We'll just have to wait and see where The Answer goes.

Where do you think AI will end up? Ooooh, the quarter season drama!

AI Rumor Rewind:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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