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The last Warrior to be in an ALL-STAR game is...


another losing season...I bet he wishes he was on the injured list sometime...

Tom Abdenour was the physical trainer for the Western Conference when Oakland hosted the All-Star game in 2000.  Abdenour was the lone Warrior representation when Antawn Jamison--originally slated to participate in the dunk contest--could not compete due to knee injuries.  Here's to Tom Abdenour and all his achievements!  Thank you all for participating!

Here are some more fun Tom Abdenour facts:

*In 1990, his third season in the league, Tom's peers elected him as the NBA's Athletic Trainer of the Year.
*In the summer of 2000, Abdenour served as athletic trainer for the gold medal-winning USA Men's Basketball Team at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
*A volunteer athletic trainer at the 1999 Pan-Am Games, the Goodwill Games in New York City and the 1994 U.S. World Championships in Toronto.
*Served as an athletic trainer at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
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Look out for more Warriors Trivia in the next few weeks!

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