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Recap: Warriors 95, Pacers 107

Whoa! What a strange game. I got burned big time with my predicton that the Warriors would easily blow out the Jermaine O'Neal and Jamaal Tinsley- less Pacers in our game preview. But honestly, how was I supposed to know that the Pacers were going to break out their two secret weapons, Nate Dogg and the Black Skeletor?

Peja: "YESSSS! We got Nate D-O-double G and the Black Skeletor!" (AP Photo)

Usually the Boom-Rich backcourt dominates games while dropping dimes, dunks, and swishes. However, tonight the Pacers' Nate Dogg-Skeletor backcourt put Baron and Jason in check.
DPG- Anthony Johnson's day job

Anthony Johnson had the Warriors asking 23 Questions. (AP Photo)

At night Stephen Jackson has the power.

Stephen Jackson gives JRich trouble. (AP Photo)

This isn't supposed to happen. Baron has been struggling defensively for most of this season. JRich has stepped up his D this season, but for some reason Stephen Jackson gives him a lot of trouble. It's strange how Monty didn't try sticking Pietrus on Jackson. JRich has the athleticism and hustle to run through the 50 Reggie Miller screens the Pacers set for Peja, so it's not like Jason couldn't guard the Pacers' SF.

Warrior centers Adonal Foyle and Andris Biedrins combined for 10 fouls in 45 minutes of play.  That's well... just FOUL! Yo Mullin and company- a capable center would be nice. We'll even take Drew Gooden masquerading as a center! It's going to be even more Foul if that trade exception expires next Tuesday and the Warriors have nothing to show for it.

"Sharpshooter" Mike Dunleavy hit one of his eleven shots. You read that right. He took 11 shots and missed 10 of them including one horrendous 3pt air ball that was about 6 inches off the mark. Keep in mind that Dun's attempts are for the most part completely wide open. I know 5th graders who can hit those shots. I'm being completely serious here- maybe Mike needs to get his eyes checked. There's no way he has 20/20 vision. Come to think of it, there's no way I have 20/20 vision anymore after watching all his eyesores.

Still, Mike managed to live up to his Funleavy title tonight...

You've seen M.J.'s Wings Poster...

well M.D. tried to pose for his own Wings poster tonight. (AP Photo)

The Warriors are now 5 games under .500. Something, anything needs to change. A trade, a new coach, a new owner, something. This loss against a vastly inferior Pacers' roster is unacceptable.

Let's hope the Warriors can rebound from this loss tomorrow against the red hot Cavs in Cleveland. They need Troy back soon or else it's going to be a very long night.

Warrior Wonder: Air France took off! Needing only 9 field goals, MP2 hit 23 points and managed to sprinkle in 5 boards, a steal, and a block. Nice shooting game from Mickael. It's great to have him starting. Earlier in the season the Warriors were playing 3 on 5 with their starters with Dunleavy and Foyle filling boxscores with zeroes despite tons of playing time. Now the Warriors are playing 4 on 5 with their starting unit. Dunleavy and Foyle are good bench players, but nothing more.

Track of the Day: E-40 featuring Keak Da Sneak- "Tell Me When to Go"
Props to the Yay's ambassador E-Feazy for represting the whole Yay Area tonight on MTV's Direct Effect. Super hyphy-hyphy-hyphy-hyphy!

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