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Props to Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Admittedly I am one of Mike Dunleavy's harshest critics. When he got drafted, I almost jumped off a cliff with the Warriors Jam Squad. After the Warriors beat the Spurs opening night in his rookie season a reporter asked then new head coach Eric Musselman why Dunleavy didn't play. Muss responded "Because we were trying to win the game." Fantasy Junkie and I were rolling on the ground in laughter. Muss was the man and Dunleavy, well wasn't the man. After the Warriors traded fan and Golden State of Mind favorite Antawn Jamison, Dunleavy was handed the starting small forward spot even though he never earned it. Dun started and stunk it up for 152 games. When the Warriors management inexplicably gave Dunleavy a 44 million dollar contract, we were all shocked, but Fantasy Junkie and I took it to another level (see 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44million wasn't the brightest idea Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV ). After a horrendous start to this season, Dunleavy had the nerve to call out his teammates and coaching staff (see Dunleavy Needs to Shut Up). When he lost his starting job to MP2, I thought it was about time.

Today, I'm going to surprise everyone and give Mike Dunleavy Jr. some serious props. No, I'm giving him props for hitting an open jump shot or for anything game related. No, I'm not giving him props for the great Funleavy Foto Fun he's supplied us with over the years. I'm giving him props for sticking up for his teammate Mickael Pietrus the other night. Check out MVN- The City for the sound clip and make sure to thank Dave for his exclusive. Aside from having a potty mouth, Dunleavy deserves some credit for calling out a reporter who was just trying to make Pietrus feel bad and stir up some controversy.

I can't wait till the day Dunleavy's ridiculous contract comes off the Warriors payroll, but tonight against his dad's Clippers I'm pulling for Mike to blow up. Go Funleavy!

Today (and probably only today) Mike stands tall!

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